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Camshaft sensor problems 2014 Ford Fusion

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My engine light came on about a week ago and went to get it checked out and they said it needed a camshaft position sensor. I ordered it but before it came in it started pouring white smoke and making ticking noise and lost power and cut off so I pulled over and it said low oil pressure It’s on a 2014 Ford Fusion 1.5 ecoboost


1 Answers

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    Do you have the exact code number of what fault code you was given on the camshaft sensors? It could be an alignment code of the shafts, and that could be caused by low oil pressure.

    My recommendation is to check the oil pressure with a meter before you destroying the engine, to see if its a false alarm or not.

    If you have abit low oil pressure I would recommend to try to replace oil filter & oil at the first step. If the oil pressure is still low then you have to check the oil pump 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jan 10, 2018 |Reply

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