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Car cuts while driving hard-nissan skyline r33 gtst 1996

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hello i have a 1996 nissan skyline gtst with a rb25det engine. manual transmission. i currently am having a problem where the car will cut out (as if fuel stops delivery ) when full throttle, however if i build up to the boost and accelerate slowly no issues at all. also the car sometimes idles very low and almost stalls to the point where the battery indicator on the cluster instrument will light up for a split-second. last thing is the car needs some throttle when starting up otherwise it’ll start and die instantly. it seems as if there is not enough fuel supply or perhaps an injector problem? this is just my guess. will appreciate feedback.


1 Answers

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    Hello, nice car there, I have one myself! 😉

    The cut is most likely a fuel cut, it could be caused by too much boost/air flow meter reached the limit.
    I would start to check for any vacuum/intake leaks and check the vacuum hoses to the turbo control solenoid.
    You can spray soap around the intake and hoses, if there are coming bubbles, there is a leak. But the best way is to pressure test the whole boost system.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 25, 2018 |Reply

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