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Car Wont Start 2012 kia forte

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hello, i have a 2012 kia forte 4 door vehicle….i havent driven it in a year other than turning it on and off occasionally the car used to start with a batter jump however i tried to give it a boost yesterday and the car wont turn on. i tried to turn the lights on and thy wont turn on either…my issue is is it the battery or is it something major?

thank you.


1 Answers

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    It sounds like a battery problem yes, are you sure that you connected the jumper wires right?
    Check for blown main fuses in the fuse box.

    The problem could also be the ground cable between the body and battery negative terminal. You can try to take a battery cable between those also.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 27, 2018 |Reply

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