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5 Answers

Car won’t start Mustang v6

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Engine Question

I was driving my 2006 mustang v6 on the freeway, as I was driving I noticed that I lost power when I was accelerating. As I was accelerating I was hearing a rattling noise from the engine each time I pressed on the gas pedal as I was doing so the car wouldn’t pick up speed. I was going 65mph then all of a sudden my car dies on me and the engine started smoking. I pulled over sat for 30mins tried to start the car and it wouldn’t start. Plz help


5 Answers

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    It doesn’t sound too good when you mentioned the noise. Did you see any oil pressure light before it died? 1. Check Oil level and all fluids, coolant etc. 2. Check the trouble codes with an OBD2 scan tool. If you get any trouble codes you can post them here.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 14, 2018 |Reply

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      The check engine light shows but I’m not getting any code readings on my obd2 the oil light also didn’t come on nor did the coolant either. When trying to start the car it cranks but doesn’t start. Also when I put water in the radiator it starts leaking from the front of the engine

      connereugene - Jun 15, 2018 |Reply

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    When you say that it “won’t start”, is the engine actually cranking with the starter or does it just click and nothing turns? This is important because of the engine actually had a serious enough mechanical failure, it could be seized. If the engine turns, but does not start, then that is more of an engine management or fuel delivery issue.

    John Farina - Jun 14, 2018 |Reply

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      The engine cranks but doesn’t start at all I can’t seem to know why it’s not starting

      connereugene - Jun 15, 2018 |Reply

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        Well, an engine needs air, fuel, and a properly timed spark. I would say your best bet is to take it to a qualified mechanic to get a proper diagnosis.

        John Farina - Jun 18, 2018 |Reply

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