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3 Answers

Check engine light Kia Sorento

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Our check engine light on 2008 Kia Sorento has been randomly coming on and it loses power. Issue can’t be duplicated. Everything has been replaced and it is still happening. Has been in almost 20 times. Now no more repair attempts can be made bc nothing else to try.


3 Answers

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    How often does it happen?
    No History fault codes at all? Normally the ecu is registrate a fault and save it in the ECU history.

    If you have history fault code numbers please post them.

    When the fault occurs. any other problems than loosing power?

    Was it a small workshop that was doing the fault diagnostics?

    Right now, Im working at Kia dealership.
    We have a recording device to plug in the OBD. When the fault occurs, you (the customer) press a key on the device, and the device records all data and fault codes 10 seconds before the fault occurs and during it and then we can locate the fault easy.

    I think if you dont have any fault codes thats the way to go. No need to replace parts that is OK


    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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      yes fail codes. Everything has been replaced. It randomly happens. It has happened at times 3-4 times in a day bc they showed my husband how to reset it to get from point A to B. Sometimes it has been every other month, or maybe 6 months or 9. It went in again sept 28, got back oct 21 and 16 days later it happened again. Back at dealership for 2 weeks got back and 10 days later it happened again. The ECM has been replaced, senors, throttle position, throttle body, harnesses, wiring harness uninstalled, everything has been replaced.

      Mistyg - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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    Can you please post the fault codes and fault code numbers you have and I can help you more. If you dont have them it would be good to ask your workshop if they could give it to you 🙂

    Example: P0420 – text

    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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