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1 Answers

Engine code p2195 and p2196 ( Ford escape hybrid)

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I have a 2007 Ford escape hybrid 2.3L

Front wheel drive.

Check engine light, codes p2195 and p2196

Freeze frame data is as follows

Fuel system 1 ol fault

Calc load (%) 85.9

ECT (°F) 159.8


1 Answers

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    Hm okay, one means rich mixture and one mean lean mixture.

    The calculation load is pretty high if the problem was not stored on high load.

    I would start with checking for any intake leaks around the intake and then check the values for the MAF/MAP sensor, check function for EGR, check Coolant temperature sensor. Fuel pressure

    Any misfires? Is the car running fine?

    It can also be due to a faulty O2 sensor. This problem can be a bit tricky, but I would start to check the things mentioned before.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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