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Head Gasket? 2005 kia sorento

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foamy residue on oil cap, but not on dipstick. just did timing belt, water pump, crankshaft sprocket, harmonic balancer and assorted gaskets and seals. it also throws an upstream 02 sensor code and cat code. 2005 kia sorento has 284 thousand kms on it. 4×4 full time. also has a misfire.


1 Answers

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    Most new cars get some foamy residue on the oil cap due to condensing. It does not have to mean that the gasket is blown.
    To check if the head gasket is blown, you have to set pressure on the coolant system and check if the cylinders are filling up.
    If there is no bad smoke, light brown coloured oil or oil in the coolant system, you should be fine.

    To fix misfires, see this article:
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    To fix p0420 cat code, see this:

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    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 11, 2018 |Reply

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