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Is low oil causing multiple issues with my car? Chrysler 300

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I have a 2008 Chrysler 300. It started shaking and the check engine light came on. Autozone told me it was because the oil got real low now it’s like 7 other things(fuel pipe, etc) that need to be repaired. What else could be the problem?


1 Answers

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    Low oil could certainly cause some mechanical failures that would lead to engine vibration, but it would be very difficult to determine that. Normally, you would hear some sort of valve train, timing system, or bottom end noises before anything started to shake. Vibrations that are engine speed sensitive are more commonly caused by a misfire (which should illuminate the CEL- Check Engine Light) or possibly warn engine/transmission mounts. Does the car still seem have good power? Does it accelerate smoothly without any surges or stutters? Is there any smoke coming from the tail pipe?

    John Farina - Jun 14, 2018 |Reply

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