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Knock sensor MAF sensor trouble code Impreza wrx

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I have a 2002 Impreza wrx. I have 3 codes. Crank shaft sensor. Knock sensor and MAF sensor. I have replace them all along with the camshaft sensor. Car will not run. Also verified that I have 5 volts at the knock sensor and that it has continuity


1 Answers

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    Seems like a faulty wiring issue. If you crank the engine, will the tachometer register any rpm’s? If not, there is probably a problem with the crankshaft or camshaft sensor.
    If you have a 3 wire sensor, turn on the ignition and check for 5 volt and ground, the third is the signal to the ecu. There might be a problem with the 5v power or ground to all of these sensors.

    If you are missing volts or power, you have to get a wiring diagram and measure the wirings between the engine control unit and the sensors for any possible shorted circuits or open circuits.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 10, 2018 |Reply

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