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Limp mode/warning light. Seat Leon 2012

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I have a 2012 2 ltr diesel Seat Leon FR 550 and it keeps going to limp mode. There are days when its completely fine but recently its becoming constant. When starting car and leaving it running for 3 mins, an orange coil type light shows up on the dashboard. Is there anything that can be done without a costly visit to a mechanic to figure out why this happens or anything i can do to prevent going forward? I am not very knowledgeable on cars so if more info needed i will provide. Thanks, Rodney.



1 Answers

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    The easiest and cheapest solution, in the long run, is to read the trouble codes and post them here. If the check engine light is lightening up, it means that there is a trouble code stored. Limp mode and check engine light could be a cause of a lot of different things, so it’s very hard to guess anything.
    Just to read the trouble codes do often cost around 10-100$ depending on the workshop. You can also do it at home if you have an OBD2 scanner.

    But an easy thing you could do is to check for any vacuum/air leaks around the intake. If you have any trouble codes, post them here and I will help you out!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 21, 2018 |Reply

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