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2 Answers

Misfire 01 ford crown vic.

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Good morning!

I have a 01 ford crown vic.

Serpentine belt snapped few days ago and the ac/clutch pulley had to be replaced as well. After these 2 parts were replaced the car is now misfiring and w ont go over 15 mph


2 Answers

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    The serpentine belt itself should not have any causes for misfires or the parts around it.

    What could happen is if the water pump is driven by the serpentine belt and you drive for some time without the belt, then the engine can overheat and damage parts to make misfires.

    Check that the serpentine belt did not damage any spark wires, vacuum hoses or wires when it snapped!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 21, 2018 |Reply

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    I have carefully inspected all connectors and wires belonging to the ignition coils the only wires that appear damaged belong to the fan sitting behind the radiator and in front of the engine.

    The engine light came on briefly and when I did obd 2 scan 5 codes came back. 4 codes disappeared when I closed the box with the air filter.

    Now no engine light is on but the car misfired badly

    Ilaria17 - May 21, 2018 |Reply

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