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1995 oldsmobile eighty-eight royale 3.8L dies or doesn’t start periodically.

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Our 1995 Oldsmobile eighty-eight royale 3.8L has been shutting off either while we are driving down the road or just when we stock it in gear to pull out of the drive.  When we first bought the car it would just have moments when it didn’ want to start.  You would have yo wait anywhere from 10 to 45 mins and it was starting again. It would turn over just not start. We were told it was A part in the steering column.  So we had A dealership replace it.  They also replaced some bad wiring in the steering column.  This did not fix the problem.  So we had them clean the fuel lines, change fuel filters and they replaced one ignition coil.  That did not fix the problem.  A few months later it would die as we were driving.  We could stick it in neutral and start it right back up.  Shortly after this started the transmission went out so thinking this might be the problem we replaced it.  For 2 weeks no problem.  Then it continued stalling out.  This is when we replaced spark plugs, wires, ignition modular, battery and some fuses.  Of course it once again ran good for a few days then started stalling out again.  A machanic told us it could be the filter on the fuel pump.  Replacing the pump didn’ work.  Then someone else mentioned the ignition wiring or switch.  That didn’ help.  Then we took it to a guy that was sure he knew the problem.  He ended up replacing the cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor.  Of course we are still having the same problems.  When he worked on it he mentioned that there is no way to read codes.  He said it had something to do with the year and the hookup was wrong.  We are ready to post it for sale for parts.  Which is unfortunate since it runs great when it can stay running.  We are hoping you might have heard of this and know what the problem is.


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    Hello I would also say it’s a fuel problem or a crankshaft/camshaft sensor problem. To fix this, I do recommend to make some troubleshooting while the car is not starting. While the car is not starting I would check: Is there any signs of RPM’s on the tachometer while cranking? – If not, it might be a wiring problem to the crankshaft, camshaft position sensor or a problem with the engine control unit. Check the fuel pressure with a meter or just check if any pressure at all when the car is not starting. These procedures would give a hint of where the problem could be located.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 13, 2018 |Reply

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