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rough idle isuzu rodeo

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I own a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo and upon starting in the morning it runs very rough and seems like it wants to stall but after two or three minutes it runs right for the rest of the day. I have replaced the spark plugs and added fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank to no avail.


1 Answers

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    Hello Jiffy

    Which engine do you have?
    Depends abit of which engine. But a good thing to start with is to check the coolant temperature sensor to the ECU. Often when you have problems cold but not hot there is a faulty coolant temperature sensor.

    You can check it with a obd reader to see live data or measure the ohm with a multimeter.

    And if you have injection then you should read the fault memory first of all 🙂

    Sellen - Dec 16, 2017 |Reply

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