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Loose power at high revs Seat Leon 1.9tdi

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Hi I’ve got a 2006 seat Leon 1.9tdi and it seems to lose power at high revs and sometimes you get a bit of smoke when you put ya foot down a bit


1 Answers

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    Normally diesel engines lose power on revs, but if it hadn’t been like that before, I would check the trouble codes in the engine control module if you haven’t already. You can either let a mechanic workshop do it or use an OBD2 scanner to do it at home.

    Smoke on accelerations from diesel is caused by too much diesel injected into the vehicle or a faulty EGR Valve.

    I would start to check for any intake/boost pressure hoses leaks. It will often cause a drop in performance and black smoke.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 03, 2018 |Reply

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