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Subaru outback wont start

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I have a 97 subaru outback. Just got done driving it and it was running fine until i parked it for about an hour and now it wont turn over. I try to start it and it just cranks. Has fuel and tried jumping it seeing if battery had issues nothing has worked what else can i do fast? I have no toolds or anything to check anything really so home remedies are wgat im looking for a fast fix to get it started


1 Answers

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    Check if you have any spark, remove a plug and give ground to it and crank to see if you have any spark at all.
    The easiest here is ofc atleast to have a diagnostic tool that you can read trouble codes and check live data to see if you get any rpms to the ECU.
    But if you dont want to use it then you have to check the common things.

    1. Do you get fuel injected at the same time as you crank
    2. Do you get spark at the same time as you crank. And maybe check the timing with a timing light to see if you have spark at the right time.
    3.If you have this things i could recommend to remove all the spark plugs and the fuel pump fuse and crank it for 20 seconds. Plug back the spark plugs and coils and try to start it now.
    4. If it dont start now,it does not start then I would have checked the timing of the camshafts.


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Dec 31, 2017 |Reply

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