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Zafira B problem holding revs steady.

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I have a 55 plate Zafira B. I have problems moving off in first as i find the car is unable to hold revs between 1000-1500. when idle i try changing pressure on accelerator to hold at roughly 1200 and it either goes to 1700 and sits comfortable or drops to idle about 800rpm. Ive been driving for years and havent came accross this fault. I have had the coil packs changed, spark plugs changed. the throttle body cleaned MAF sensor checked. I also have no fault codes to point me in the right direction. i find the issue worsens when the car is warm also. Any ideas what this could be


1 Answers

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    This problem is most likely due to an intake leak or a problem with the throttle body.

    Most likely causes:
    Intake Vacuum leak (Listen for any leaks)
    Throttle body/Accelerator pedal if electric/Basic setting
    EGR Problem

    I would check carefully for any intake leaks with vacuum and then would take a look at the throttle body.

    For advanced troubleshooting, you can check the acceleration % with an OBD2 scanner to see if it’s getting steady values from the pedal/throttle body.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 10, 2018 |Reply

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