EPC Warning Light on 2009 VW Jetta

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EPC Warning Light

EPC warning light came on dash on 1/5/18 and 1/8/18 car was driven a 3 mile round trip each time.

Car recently had an emergency ignition installed on 10/17/17 at a dealership

Synthetic Oil change and Smog Check on 11/29/17

Car driven to Los Angeles twice since above service/repair from San Diego–no issues.

When EPC light came on car had reduced power.

Car can be started in my driveway and no warning light.

Contacted various repair shops and dealerships. Advised not to drive car.

Can the car be diagnosed on a “generic” scanner code reader?

Some shops want $125.00 on up to scan.

Can car be taken to a local Pep Boys for a reliable scan.

Fearful to drive car now.

I don’t want to incur expensive unnecessary repairs.

Need vehicle for transportation for medical appts.

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  1. Hello

    Yes you probably can see those trouble codes with a generic obd reader because it’s probably an engine related problem.
    Engine trouble codes you can read with generic OBDII but not the other systems.
    But you should never rely to 100% on a cheaper OBD scanner as it can give you misleading information if you are not using it with care.

    If you can find a small shop that is using VCDS diagnostics tools it is good. It is not that expensive and many smaller workshops that are repairing VAG cars have that tool 🙂

    You can atleast get out the trouble code “P0420” for an example, and then you can search google or on this website for some information about what the trouble code is telling you more deailed 🙂

  2. Thank you for your response:

    I am fearful to drive the car now.

    The car has been dependable.

    I am now stranded struggling to locate the best repair shop to take the car to.

    However, I fear there will be hidden expenses I am not prepared for.

    The repair shop that did the oil change will perform a “generic” scan at no cost.

    I will just need to tow the car in.

    I have no one to advise me.

    I have been told to just sell the car.

    The car has only 36700 miles on it.

    I know very little about car repairs especially for German cars.

  3. I am not involved with the repair of the car.

  4. Could the EPC warning light be caused from my battery. Battery is 41 months old.

    I planned on getting a new battery immediately.

    However, car will start without hesitation in my driveway.

  5. Yes you have to read the trouble codes before you can say anything what the problem is or how expensive it will be. The EPC light can be caused by alot of things, from very cheap to very expensive repairs.
    EPC light is not directly caused by a battery. Maybe if it have been very low on charge.

    After you got the trouble codes you can post them here and I’ll help you out 🙂

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