Foggy interiors Dodge Journey

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I drive a 2012 Dodge Journey which has a big problem with foggy interior windows in the winter only. We have to drive with the defrost on full or we can’t see out. The side windows will often get frosty even with the fan on. Any suggestions?

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Denise 4 months 1 Answer 733 views Member 0

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hi Denise.

    Do you know when your cabin / aircon filter was replaced last time? This is normally the first thing I do when I get those type of faults.
    If you already replaced it I would have read the fault codes of the air condition unit and see if all air flap motors is working.
    Always run with the A/C on and Air recycling working.

    Could also be a leak inside the car, is the floor feeling wet all the time?

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