Ford F 150 1985 Transmission wont downshift properly

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I have a 1985 ford f150 with a 6cyl 351 windsor 3-speed auto. The truck will shift up fine and shift down into 2nd from 3rd fine. But when stopped at a stop sign it wont go back down to first or when put into park. To get it to shift down i have to punch the gas pedal to floor as hard as i can and as quick as a i can and let off instantly, any ideas as to why?

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Jukkas 5 months 1 Answer 739 views 0

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  1. Do you know if your gearbox has a vakuum modulator or is it adjusted by cable going to the throttle body?

    If you have an vakuum modulator check the lines for no leakage. Could be an adjustment too thats wrong or the vakuum modulator.
    The gearbox get information from that and a failed one could cause that problem.

    If you got a wire check that everything is fine with the linkage.

    My first tips I could give you. 🙂

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