Ford ranger edge 4.0 V6 auto 2002

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The interior light stays on 3-5 minutes and drains battery even though it goes off, Ford ranger edge 4.0 V6 auto 2002

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  1. Hello

    I think your problem is a door lock that is not working properly. Is there any door that is not locking or locking up when you are using the central lock function?

    If you have that the first thing is to check the wires between the door and chassis then.
    Another thing you could do is to check the live data with a diagnostic tool. You should check the status of all doors to see if they are “closed”.

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  2. The truck does not include power locks when I shut it with my hand it don’t go out

  3. Do you mean the switch is not going out?

    Okay If your interior lights stay on after your door is closed. There is probably a problem with any door light switch.

    Here is a video of what switch that I’m talking about!

  4. It has no power locks lt was not included from factory the light goes out it’s just 3-5 mins enough to drain battery after awhile

  5. But your car will probably use the door light switches to light up the roof light. It could be two different faults.

    To find battery drains is not that simple. You have to measure the ampere while you are pulling out the fuses one by one. But here is a video of how to do it.

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