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Converting an engine to run on leaded fuel Kohler 7000

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As of yesterday my local gas stations have added ethanol to premium gas. I have a Kohler 7000 series engine that is 2 years old and is attached to a lawn mower. It clearly states in the owners manual to NOT use ethanol as it may harm the engine. My question is this: Would it be safe to run 110 octane race gas or 100LL AV gas from the airport. 100LL is much cheaper than the 110 but im not sure which one would work better. And also my lawn mower has no catalytic converter and no O2 sensors.


1 Answers

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    Ethanol needs around 30% more fuel than petrol to run smooth and good. You should also advance the timing, but if you find any way to add 30% more fuel it should work. It can work without adding fuel also, but the engine will run lean. Remember that ethanol is aggressive to fuel lines and fuel filters and I recommend to atleast replace the fuel filter when adding ethanol.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 12, 2018 |Reply

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