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Fuel filler neck? Ford Explorer

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Hi, my 99 Ford Explorer keeps shutting off on me while I’m driving. My fuel filller neck is broken off at the port on the car. I’m getting that replaced now, but is that why my car keeps shutting off? Or is there a bigger problem?


1 Answers

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    The broken fuel filler neck should not make your vehicle to stop totally. It will probably detect a fuel tank leak and store a trouble code for it in the engine control unit, but it should still run.

    Anyways you should fix the tank issue first and then check for any other trouble codes stored.

    There could be an issue if the fuel pump got hit or something by the neck.

    A stop in a car is often due to a fuel pressure problem or a crankshaft sensor. But you should always check the trouble codes first.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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