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Fueling issue 2010 chevy tahoe 5.3l v8

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My 2010 chevy tahoe 5.3l v8 has problems filling up at the gas pump. The gas nozzle clicks off approximately every .15 gallons. I took it to the dealerships a few times now for dianostics. They replaced the canister and the lower hose, which still hasnt fixed the problem. Any remedies would be greatly appreciated.


1 Answers

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    It sounds that it is a problem with the tank ventilation yes. It is going through the canister and then into the intake yes. It should not be that hard to diagnose it, just check if you can blow air through it into the tank.
    There is often a solenoid fitted there, check the function of the solenoid and check if the vent is free without it!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 29, 2018 |Reply

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