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Getting bad gas mileage 2008 Toyota Highlander hybrid

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Fuel Question

I used to get around 24mpg on my hybrid, all the sudden one day it went down to 17 and since has been between 14-16 mpg. I took it to Toyota and they ran a health check on it. It threw two no start codes and an excessive high low voltage code. It did NOT throw a hybrid battery code( I have been steadfast that this was what was wrong with it). The mechanic at Toyota told me to take it and have the regular battery checked out bc if it’s performance was only 11%.

So I took it to where I got my battery and they tested it and said it was fine but needed changed soon. After some guff they exchanged it.   Well I feel like it’s getting even worse gas mileage now. What else could cause me to get such poor gas mileage? I am headed out of town soon and am trying to figure this out without breaking the bank and before we leave so we get there cheaper.

Please help!!


1 Answers

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    This could be, as you said a problem with the hybrid electric motor also. But if we’re looking at the combustion engine first, the last thing that regulates the fuel in an engine is the O2 sensors and they should be checked first. It could also be problems like dirty MAF/MAP sensor, and it can help to clean them carefully. Also, check for any intake leaks

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 12, 2018 |Reply

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