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No fuel pressure on my 95 ford ranger

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I have a 95 ford ranger. I jumped a friend off at work Monday and on the way home the battery light came on and the gauge droped. It ran bad the next 4 days. Got to work Friday and when I went to leave it would not fire just spin. Found out I did not have fuel pressure. When checking all the fuses and relays I seen that the fuel pump relay was not clicking so I thought it was the problem so I tested it and it was fine. I decided to use a jumper wire in place of the relay and it fired right up. What is going on


1 Answers

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    If you bridge the fuel pump relay and it starts there is a problem of the relay control.
    I havent checked the wiring diagram for your car right now, but normally you have 4 pins.

    1. 30+ power to the relay( big wire )
    2. 30+ output from relay to fuel pump ( big wire )
    3. 15+ ignition 12 volt ( Normally from a fuse )
    4. Ground from the ECU

    If you remove the relay and check that you got 12 volt on atleast 2 of the pins at the same time as you are cranking it.
    If you dont have 12volt on both, check fuses

    If you have 12 volt but no grounding from ecu – Read trouble codes


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 18, 2018 |Reply

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