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3 Answers

What engine do I have – Chevrolet s10

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  • Ok we have a 2001 Chevrolet s10 v6 vortec. The motor was no good so we purchased a 2000 blazer v6 blazer to swap out the motor. We bought a rebuild kit standard size. The camshaft bearings do not fit they are to small. Is there a number anywhere to see if it is standard. The casting numbers are the same but there is a stamped number that begins with t stamped on the front right cylinder head.

3 Answers

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    Do you have the VIN number of your chassi and maybe on the other car too?

    The letters “Z”, “X”, “W”, are used to identify which engine in s10


    There should be a number stamped in the block or cylinderhead too, in the rear of the engine at the cylinderwall is most common. Can be hard to find it.

    Sellen - Dec 07, 2017 |Reply

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    the number on the cylinder wall is yk257791 and i think the next number is c or g.

    Cindylou84 - Dec 08, 2017 |Reply

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    Sorry but cant find any results on that engine number :/
    Im afraid there should be another number anywhere!

    Sellen - Dec 08, 2017 |Reply

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