2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Throttle Position Sensor

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Hello. I have another question on my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7. I’ve replaced the coil that was giving me a code, and it seems to be running a lot better now. I still have what I’ll describe as a “dead spot” sometimes when I accelerate. I’m thinking I’ll do the Throttle Position Sensor next. I can find nothing online about this particular model. Could you tell me where I might find the TPS? Thank you.

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  1. Hello

    From what I can find, the 3.7 l 2010 has an integrated TPS inside the throttle body.

    What you can test to do is cleaning the throttle body and do a basic setting with a DTC tool after.

    You can also check the values in your DTC tool and check that it works okay 0 – 100% when you are pressing the accelerator 🙂

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