Head work Saturn 2.2

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My timing chain broke in my 2001 Saturn 2.2l engine,,I was told I should inspect the head and valves for damage,,My question is if I remove the coolant will it affect other parts not having coolant in it?It gets cold here at nights and I cant afford to replace the gaskets at this time,,But would like to know what Im gonna need when the time comes to repair,,Thank you.

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  1. Hello rich

    My tip is to do a leak down test before you remove the head to see if the valves is OK or not. If you are very lucky and it happened at low rpms then the valves can be good. 🙂

    No I have never seen a problem without the coolant.Had cars standing years outside in a cold climate without coolant/water, It can rust abit but as long as it does not stand for several years you should be good to go.

    You could put some lube on the moving things in the coolant system, thermostat and waterpump if you want to prevent rust there!

    Just that you have a good coolant mix and not too much water before you took it out 🙂

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  2. Thank you,,Ill try that first,,Ill keep you informed of my progress,

  3. Did leak down test,Have 2 bent exhaust valves and 2 bent Intake valves,So my question is should I just replace the whole cylinder head or the valves? I removed the head to verify bent valves,,tHANKS FOR THE HELP,,

  4. Hello that was not good! 🙁

    If you cant see and cracks in the cylinderhead or big damages in the valve seats/valve guides you can buy new valves and grind the seats.
    Did it many times with good results! But have to make sure that there are no cracks or other damages!
    Also check that lifters and camshaft is OK!

  5. Thank Ill check that all today n keep u posted,,Thanks for all the help,

  6. Heres my head,I know its kinda hard to see used cam on comp,, All 6 valves are opened and was wondering about how much pressure those springs are under?I don’t have the compression tool to remove them,,Was thinking socket and hammer way,but not sure if about the pressure,I don’t want nothing shooting across the room lol,,

  7. Hello

    It alot of pressure, remove the camshafts and then you have to use an compressor im afraid off.

    Grind in the new valve guides you can do yourself if you want.


    Flat the head after,  you can it give to a machining company. In my country they take 30-90 dollars for this.


    After everything is done, turn the head upside down and put washer fluid in all combustion chambers to see that it wont leak through 🙂

  8. Heads no good,,Gonna replace it,,Im having issues now finding all the torque info on the head bolts,timing cover,etc,etc,,Do you by chance know any sites that give all specs for this job?,I appreciate all the help,,

  9. Check out this website:

    Alot of information, if you cant find it there, I think there is a haynes manual you could buy online for that model 🙂

  10. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me,,I got another head from a auto yard here,Its in good shape,,But my question is this,,My power steering pump runs off my Intake cam shaft,The new one doesn’t have the same attachment for the pump,Can I use my old cam shaft to solve this problem or should I take it back?, Again thanks for all the help,

  11. Forgot to add,,If I can swap them does it matter how the cam goes back on?

  12. You could maybe take the old camshaft if you are really sure that they’re the same. Check if you can see any article number on them.
    Or you should ask any Saturn 2.2 fantast if you can swap it. Because I can’t answer that, never tried it :/

    To take out and mount the camshaft is not that hard, Just be careful to torque the bracket bolts. and cross-tighten them when you are mounting the camshaft, and make sure that the valves is not hitting the pistons if the valve is mounted 🙂

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