Help Me Please i need solution for my car

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Dear askmastermechanic ,i have chinese car ,one day i tried to start it ,it start but it turned off quicly ,i taked to Repair Shop ,they changed every thing ,the battery and spark plug ,but it wont start, they said the probleme is electrical when i taked to Scanner they didnt find the probleme is electircal or mechanical ,So please if you have aly idea you help with it to tell it to the repair shop to fix my car thank you

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wezeeanis 4 months 6 Answers 866 views 1

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hello wezeeanis

    Did it juste died when you are trying?
    What car is it?

    is the immobilizer light ON on the dashboard?
    how fast after you start it is it dying?


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    • Thank you For your Reply Sellen ,its a chinese car (zotye z100) its 2012 ,when i turn the key on all light show up and the engine start but it turn off quicly


  2. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    And if you try to start it again it turns on for some seconds again?
    If thats the case there is probably a fault with the immobilizer. Try with another key if you got more keys.

    See the immobilizer light that it goes off after some seconds after you turn ignition ON 🙂

    • thank again Sellen ,the car right now is in a Repair shop ,they didnt find Solution its been 2 weeks now,they said the probleme is in the ECU but the car diagnostic Scanner show that there is no fault on that ,before it stops there is a light showing up all time “check engine” light

      and its still showing up,even when they change the spark plug

  3. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    If the engine light was showing up then you should have any fault codes stored.
    If they dont see any fault codes then there is a problem with the diagnostics software most likely.

    When a car start for one second and then turn off then in 95% of the cases it is the fuel delivery (fuelpump, filter, lines etc) or Immobilizer fault, then the immobilizer light should be ON all the time.


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