HELP – VW POLO 2003 – Oil bubbling over top of engine, loss of power, white smoke

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I have a VW Polo 2003 1.2

My parter was driving it home after a long journey (8/9 hours) and after about 4 hours of the oil light being on he stopped to top it up – unfortunately & very stupidly didnt check and after he started up again about 5 mins in, the car started to emitt white smoke, loss of power and when stopped to check engine, oil was bubbling out over the top.

I wasnt with him unforunately so I cannot tell you any more info other than he had to leave the car and a friend collect him (as was about 4am this morning) – the car hasnt been started since and as I said been left where he stopped it which is about an hour from our home.

Please help 🙁

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hello that doesnt sound good!

    Are you sure the smoke coming out is white and not more blue?
    Check on the dipstick so the oil is not white!
    If you put away the oil cap when the engine is idling is it very much pressure coming out from there?

    Where does the oil bubbling out from?

    Was it yellow or red oil light?

    Could be a blocked crankcaseventilation or the oil is sludging with coolant if its more white!

    • Hey,

      Unforunately I wasn’t with my partner early hours this morning so I can only go by what he has told me – I’m at work at the moment. Also we are trying to arrange for the car to be towed home so I can’t check anything on the car itself right now – as soon as we can get it home I will check the dipstick.

      As far as I’m aware the smoke was white not blue?

      I’m a major novice when it comes to cars – what do you mean by ‘If you put away the oil cap when the engine is idling is it very much pressure coming out from there?’ Sorry eek!

      The oil is bubbling from out the top of the cap on the engine – the oil light was yellow not red. It frequently comes on – i’d say every week/2weeks? normally (when I’m with him) we check the dipstick, top it up, and everything is ok.

      Thank you for your help so far

  2. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hi again, I cant really answer your question straight away. But I can give you some information to solve it. Because I cant figure if its a coolant or oil problem!

    White smoke = burned coolant
    Blue smoke = burned oil

    If oil is light brown colored, like oboy. Then the oil is sludging with the coolant.
    Same in the coolant, see if you could see any signs of oil there.

    If oil pressed out of oil cap it means you have high pressure inside the engine. High pressure could be caused by blocked crankcase ventilation.

    I worked with VW for some years, but the 1.2 in early years are not that common where I live. Is it this type you have? In that case you got two crankcase ventilation hoses on the top of the engine.

    Im asking you to remove the oil cap when the engine is idling to see if you have high pressure inside the engine. Normally when you remove the oil cap when idling you should have some underpressure in the engine.

    If you have high pressure out, there is something thats not right.
    Either blocked crankcase breather or you got high blow-by from pistons. 🙂

    The thing is, if you have high pressure inside the engine it would press throught piston rings and burn oil = Blue smoke. But you say white smoke, thats means more that it burns coolant!

    Hope that clear some things out! 🙂

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