High mileage, Worth buying? Ford Mustang 2002 v6

Ford Mustang 2002 v6
This is a bit of a different question but, I am looking at a very well taken care of 2002 Mustang with 235,000 miles… The car has been serviced regularly for 15 years and has been completely reserviced in the past 2 years. It is in excellent shape for its age, I was wanting to know if it would be worth it to buy the car?

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  1. The high mileage is depending on how the miles were driven and if good oils were used.

    Short drives and much start and stops are the worst for the engine.
    An engine that has been running 200k miles only long distances is often in better shape than an engine that has been running short start and stops for 100k miles.

    If the vehicle has been driven for long distances in a calm speed it should not be a problem.
    There is a risk of worn parts inside the engine and transmission with a high mileage engine, but if it has been serviced when it should and have been using good oils, It should not be a problem.

  2. It also depends how much you are going to be paying for it. I personally wouldn’t pay more than 3000 for it just because of the risk of losing a lot of money on it. If you know any mechanics or mechanically inclined people have them take a quick survey and a test drive. Usually the big money repairs such as engine and transmission and such are easy to spot if you know what to look for and feel for. If it’s set at a good price then it could definitely be worth it especially if it was as taken care of as it sounds. No matter the situation, high mileage buys are a pretty risky business because there’s no way you can know what the car has been through and how it was treated within its long lifetime.

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