Starting problem 1989 Honda civic hatchback 1.5

I have a 1989 Honda civic hatchback 1.5
I have changed the starter distributor and spark plugs. And I can’t seem to get it to start. The timing is spot on. And I know it’s getting gas and spark. At this point I’m clueless

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  1. Hello, Have you checked your fuel pressure?

    If the fuel pressure is correct and you are sure that you have spark. Make sure that the injectors are opening (If you smell fuel they probably do it).
    You can try to disconnect connector plugs for the coolant temperature sensor and other sensors to see if it starts without it. ( You will get error codes that may have to be erased) Take out the spark plugs and let them be out for some hours. Refit the spark plugs to see if it is giving any signs to start after that.
    Check trouble codes



    well it’s an 89 so there’s no way to hook up a code reader. But I will try the other things

  3. You could probably short the wires in the communication connection and read the blink codes! 🙂

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