How long after Transmission fluid flush will my car be okay?

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Just got my automatic transmission flushed. How long should it take for the new fluid to take full effect on the transmission

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  1. Hello

    You should drive it until the transmission oil is warm.

    If the transmission is not good after around 100km 65 miles~, then it’s probably another fault with the transmission!

    Check out this article: Transmission Repair

  2. I did the flush as my Ute  jerked only when accelerating around roughly 2000rpm and 40kmph. If the flush doesn’t fix it what else could it be

  3. Hello

    What year is it of the vehicle? If you can read the trouble codes, ,you have to do it and post them here if there are any.

    Could be a lot of problems inside the transmission, bad solenoids or the converter. Can also be engine problems

    If possible, check trouble codes in both transmission and engine control modules ?

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