Hyundai sonata cruise option needed

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I have hyundai sonata 2014 YF. I have no cruise control on this car at the moment and even there is no option on the steering control for cruise. I want to know if I replace steering wheel with the one with cruise control on it and replace the wiring harness inside the steering wheel will it work? Are these cars already equipped with cruise option module in the steering wheel and can replacing a steering wheel make it work?

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  1. Hello

    Many cars is prewired with cruise control. Just add the switch

    I know many new hyundai’s you can do that. Im not 100% sure about Sonata but I think its good to go.


    To be 100% sure I would have called a hyundai dealership so they can confirm it and if it’s not working you could atleaste give them the parts back.

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