2009 Hyundai Sonata jerking when downshifting

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I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata (automatic trans) that is suddenly catching/jerking when coming to a complete stop – it feels like it is doing this when downshifting from 2nd to 1st gear. It doesn’t make any noise when it does this, and it is fine when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear when I start driving again. I just had my brakes completely redone about 5 months ago, so I think it is a transmission issue rather than a brake issue.
What could be causing this? Am I totally screwed here (aka is my transmission going to need to be rebuilt)?
*The car has 120,000 miles on it and I am due for a change in transmission fluid too – the last time I changed the fluid was around 40,000 miles ago.*

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  1. Hello.

    What I normally do is in this case

    1. check for trouble codes in automatic transmission & engine control module ( Post them here if there is any )
    2. If not trouble codes, replace transmission fluid & reset the values with the computer
    3. Check with the dealer if there is any software updates!

    Always start by check for trouble codes and do a fluid change. Hopefully, the fluid change will solve the problem, if not, it probably has to go through a more advanced troubleshooting at a skilled diagnostic technician 🙂

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