Jeep turns off

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My 2004 jeep cherokee turns off while driving no warnings no light go off my dash stayes on and so does my radio but my steering wheel gets hard and so do my pedals after I try to turn it on it won\’t start it tries but it can\’t I let it sit for a few hours and it starts up like nothing some ties it take days to turn off again and sometimes it happends very often but since it turns on iknow my battery is good and so is my alternator but I don\’t know what it could be maybe my gas pump not pushing enough pressure ?

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  1. Could possibly be a problem with the fuel delivery.

    You could try when the jeep stops, to hit the tank with a big hammer or a foot at the same time as a friend or something trying to start it. If it start then, its probably the fuel pump in tank thats broken.

    You should read the fault codes first and see if there is any faults registred 🙂

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