Lacking powerand EVAP codes buick rainer

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2006 Buick Rainier 2.4L 6cyl. AWD

P0449, P0128, P0506, P1400

In the past few months my car lacks power when accelerating. It takes longer than usual to get up to speed. The EVAP codes and the check engine light have been on for over 5 years without any issues. Occasionally when the light goes off, I get the Emissions Test done (every other year) and pass with flying colours. Last Emissions Test was June 2017. Car starts up fine. What could be causing the sluggish acceleration?

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  1. Hello

    Because you said the EVAP trouble code has been for a long time, we should probably check the P0506 code.

    In this case, I would have checked for any vacuum leaks. Spray starter sprays carefully around the intake and the vacuum hoses to see if the idle revs up.
    And listen for any strange whistle around the intake.

    Also check the PCV valve 🙂

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