Loud noise Toyota Yaris 2011

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My car makes a rattling noise when my foots on the break 2nd about a couple of weeks ago my 2011 toyota yaris 4 door sedan made a flapping noise under the hood it is an intermittent sound that has only happens twice when I was driving both times it is a loud scary noise I have taken it to two mechanics they looked around couldn’t find anything they said hard to tell if I can’t replicate the noise trying to see if anyone has had similar issues to st were these guys in the right direction

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  1. Could be kinda tricky when its an intermittent fault so I’ll ask some more questions.
    Is there any changes if you switch the AC on and off?
    Engine light, oil pressure lighten up when the fault occurs?

    Automatic or manual?

    What speed did it occur?
    If it happens when you got some speed and press the brake then it could be the ABS module that is going in, could be caused a failed ABS ring or sensor.


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  2. A.c. yes both times my a.c. was on no lights come on when this occurs thanks for your help ?

  3. In what speed does it occur? Idle or In speed over 30 km/h?

    If it happens in speed I would recommend to check all the ABS rings and the distance between them and sensors!

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