Mazda 323f Car key -Contact problem

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I have 1991 Mazda 323F ,1,6 , fuel + gas . The previous owner give me 2 keys , and said to allways start the car with the new one because the contact box and the key were changed , a few days ago i started the car with the old key by mistake , it was making a weird sound in the engine , the alternator i think, i didnt even notice at first but when i start driving and give it a bit more reving-gas , it gets loud, the sound is like hissing mixed with a sounds broken fans make, i cant really describe it well, i drove the car for 2 mins , and then made a stop because of the sound, when i inserted the right key and tried to start the car, only the electronics come on , the engine is not giving any life signals, can you help me ? i am sorry for bad english its not my native

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  1. Hello

    It sounds like a problem with the ignition lock

    If you try the other key again, does it start then?

  2. I did no response with old or the new key, when you turn the key lights go out on the dashboard like they should, but 0 response from the engine , car battery is new so that is not it , tried pushing the car still no response , could it be the starter or something in the engine died from using the wrong key , what else can i try to start the car?

  3. If the starter is not turning, you have to start to diagnose it. It could be a problem with the starter, ignition lock ( most likely ) or any fuses or relays between it.

    The problem that you heard before could be that the solenoid of the starter didn’t go back.

    If you easily can reach the starter, you can bridge the connections there ( Make sure that the car is in Neutral and no hands in any moving parts ) or give 12v to the solenoid on the starter from a 12v source.
    If the starter works, you have to check a wiring diagram and check if you get 12volts out from the ignition lock 🙂

  4. okey , i will get to it tomorow , and write then did i menage to do it

  5. well thanks for the help , it was a good starting point, but the problem was much worse , i had to call a mechanic friend, the starter was all broken up inside and burnt , it had to be replaced , but now everything is back to normal thanks again

  6. Glad that you found the problem, welcome back if you have any other questions! 🙂

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