Engine idle issue 3.0L 2000 Mercury Wagon

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I have a 2000 Mercury Sable Wagon with the 3.0L vulkin engine. When I am stopped at a stop light the RPM’s go up and down, surging when the car is in drive and any of the climate controls are on (AC, vent, heat, etc.) when I turn off the climate controls the car is fine. No mater what when the car is in park it is fine (climate controls on or not). I have cleaned the throttle body, checked the idle air control module, I am not sure what could be causing it. The service engine soon never goes on. The car never use to do this. It only does this when the car’s climate controls are on in drive stopped at lights. Dangerous because the car surges. Any ideas?

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  1. Hello

    Check for Vacuum leaks around the intake manifold. Listen and spray starter gas or brake cleaner carefully around the hoses to see if the RPM rises at idle.

    Check your DTC code memory to see if there are any possible trouble codes that could help you out.

    Another possible cause could be something faulty with the AC Pump, it maybe shuts OFF/ON.
    My recommendation is to read the DTC memory first on the engine control unit and climate control unit if possible

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