My 06 Envoy makes a mooing sound when brakes are applied.

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My 2006 GMC Envoy makes a “mooing” sound when brakes are applied.  Also there is pressure pushing the brake pedal up and vibrating.  After researching online others had same issue so I took the ABS STABILTRAK fuse/sensor out and VIOLA!! THE SOUND IS GONE!! Problem is after putting it back in it is STILL there. So what needs to be changed?? I already changed the wheel barring and the brakes look good. What is causing this?? I don’t mind  leaving the fuse out and using regular brakes but with winter approaching I would feel safer with my STABILTRAK on!!

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hi amysuesons

    That fault is almost always coming from a failing ABS ring. It reads the wrong speed from one wheel and think it spins and therefore pump ABS.

    To easiest diagnose this fault you should check live data/measurements with a diagnostic tool. Check all 4 wheel speed and see which one is differ from the other three.

    Or you could check throught all wheels for the ABS rings and clean them up, the most common is that the ring is cracking and the ring is spinning on the axle! 🙂

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