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I have a 2013 1.6 diesel Nissan qashqai, 2 months ago the engine failed and power was lost, its went inmto limp mode and engine control light came on, I took to the garage to plug in and it came up with an error saying there was a problem with the 3rd fuel injector, I have been driving it since and all ok but just recently it has started losing power slightly at high speeds and control light comes on again and usulay followd by the electron stability control warning lights, it will usualy correct itself after 30 seconds or so but abit scary, any idea what this could be?

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  1. Hello!

    Do you have an dtc code tool at home?
    If you have the easiest to give a correct answer to you is that you read the dtc code and post the number etc P0420 and the following text to me and I can help you out.

    Sounds like an electrical problem but I need the dtc code number to verify. 🙂

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