No start 2000 dodge dakot 3.9L v6

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I have a 2000 dodge dakota with the magnum 3.9L V6 and manual transmission it shut off while I was driving and now it won’t start. It has a brand new battery, fuel pump, and throttle position sensor and still won’t start. Sometimes it starts with starter fluid but then shuts off a couple minutes later or immediately if I touch the gas pedal.

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  1. Hello, Have you checked the trouble code memory? Any trouble codes?
    You should start with checking them and posting them here.

    It sounds like a lack of fuel problem yes, another thing you should do is to check your fuel pressure!
    But first reading the trouble code memory 🙂

  2. The only trouble code that came up was for the throttle position sensor and I replaced that and it still won’t start.

  3. Okay you should check your fuel pressure/check if you have any fuel pressure at all 🙂

    From there you can diagnostic wiring etc to the fuel pump, if there is no pressure 🙂

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