No start ford expedition

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I have a 2007 Ford Expedition was running fine. I stopped at a friends house for 20 minutes when I got back in turned the key, sounded like battery was dead. I turned again and it turned over but struggles and ran really bad. No power. Came home about 4 miles away slow 20-25mph sputtered . No response to giving it the gas with pedal. Very gradual if any. Got home and turned it off. Now doesn\’t start. Has a puffing noise. Any idea what this would be

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Camoman1 4 months 1 Answer 768 views 0

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  1. Hello Camoman1

    Is the engine cranking now? But it didnt before?

    Check ground between engine and chassi, and battery and chassi. Try to put a extra jumpercable betwenn.

    If that’s OK then next thing to do is to read the fault memory!

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