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2 Answers

Loud noise under the hood 1995 GMC suburban K 1500

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About two weeks ago my suburban started making a loud noise from under the hood that sounded like a rock inside if I can does this mean that my engine is blown ?


2 Answers

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    Check the oil, to see if you can find any metal pieces inside it.

    Remove the serpentine belts to see if the sound disappear

    You can also lift the oil cap to see if the sound is coming from the engine

    Any warning lights on the dash?

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 02, 2018 |Reply

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    No lights on the dash and I will have to try taking the belt off I didn’t think of that . Also I did not see any metal in the oil

    Ahersh01 - Apr 02, 2018 |Reply

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