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Grinding Brakes & Jerking Car

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  1. My 2007 Chevy Impala LS has been needing brakes for about 1 or 2 weeks ( I know I’ve been slacking) but today as I was leaving my apartment complex to FINALLY get them changed my car was making the horrible grinding noise that always does. This time I heard a pound clunk my car started jerking them it’s like my tires locked. I tried to press the gas peddle but it didn’t do anything. So I turned my car off , turned it back on and I was able to reverse but I couldn’t go forward. Luckily my Bestfriend Mom came and did some magic trick and she reversed and then pulled forward down a hill to park my car. Please help I can get it fixed I just don’t want to waste money on Soemthing and it still does the same thing !

1 Answers

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    Hi bam

    First you have to jack up all wheels to figure out which wheel is locked.

    It could be a brake pad that is worn out and get stuck between the disc and caliper.

    If its a rear wheel then it could be a parking brake pad that got loose and get stuck.

    No shortcuts, you have to find which wheel and remove tires and caliper to find the fault 🙂


    Sellen - Dec 17, 2017 |Reply

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