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Grinding noise Ford explorer 2003

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I have a 2003 for explorer Eddie bBaue with 200,000k. Today when I pulled out of my driveway I heard a grinding sound coming from under my SUV. I no it wasn’t coming from the bearings. I could feel the grinding. When I put it in drive and I stepped on the gas it got louder as I got down the street. I can tell it’s in the middle of my SUV but in the back. Any clue as to what it could be?


1 Answers

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    Pretty hard to diagnose without a video or sound file of the sound.
    But in the middle and the rear of the car, you have the differential of the car.

    I would check the exhaust system and lift up the rear and spin the wheels to listen for any grinding from the brakes or differential and Prop shaft.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 29, 2018 |Reply

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