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Knocking sound 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 SUPERCAB 4×4

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I bought a BRAND NEW 2017 Ford RANGER 2.2 SUPERCAB 4×4 in December last year 2017.


I noticed for the first time 8th of April 2018, while doing a road trip. A knocking sound coming from the back left of the cab. It was extremely windy on that trip.


I then became aware of the noise and have no identified that every time there is a strong wind, blowing on the left hand side of the car there is a knocking noise. It can be soft but if the wind is really pumping then it is very noticeable and loud.


I recently did a 4×4 trip 2 weeks ago and also then noticed that something was seriously loose and rattling like crazy going over certain terrain. Not after that 4×4 trip, there is a noise constantly in the back, quite soft and the knocking noise has got worse and I hear it much more frequently and with much lighter wind.

I have taken it back to Ford and they are unaware of what it may be ?

So, bear in mind my car is the supercab, so I have no back seats.

What could be in the car, that would get blown by the wind to cause a knocking sound ?

I would assume that wind cannot get into the cabin or doors ?

So the only thing I have to go on, is when wind blows there is a knocking sound and when doing 4×4 something rattles like crazy.

Any out the box ideas are very welcome. This sound is driving me crazy


1 Answers

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    Hm yes it sounds like a strange problem.

    Sure that the plates/covers over the exhaust system are fitted properly?

    At the rear on the side of your vehicle, behind the rear bumper, you do normally have the ventĀ gaps that should open when you are closing a door in your vehicle, sure that none of these is rattling or any parts are blocking them?

    Inner wheelhouse covers fitted properly?

    Never heard of this problem, but it sounds like there is a cover or plate that is rattling!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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