Not responding to gas pedal 2003 volkswagan bora 1.9

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i have a 2003 volkswagan bora 1.9 90bhp model remaped to 130 the problem i have is when i start her it takes about a min or so to respond to the acleralator pedel but works fine after that just take a min or so to tick over is this normal only happons if she sitting for a while

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  1. Hello

    Is the remap done by a software replacement or a “box”? If it’s a box, try to unplug it to see if the problem disappears.

    Any trouble codes?
    You can also check for all values of the sensors to see if there is any strange values due the warmup.

  2. The remap was done as softwere upgrade not a box as well as egr blanking and turbo upgrade and injectors upgraded to 180 as well as big intake air flow and strigt through excaust cam shaft replaced and timing kit done last year   but this is a new problem that has only started to affect it on cold start up she idels a we bit rough as well but drives well no loss of power or any thing

  3. If you have a diagnostic computer, you should check the values of the coolant temperature sensor while it’s running rough, also check for fuel pressure and pump timing. But because of the software edit, it could be a bug in that software.

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