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1 Answers

Stopped moving 1.2 VW Polo

Asked by: 17 views Engine Oil Question

Hi there please could someone give me advise yesterday my car broke down when I was driving my car it suddenly stopped moving wasn’t able to move the car in on any gears the engine turned on fine and seemed to be alright this is until I opened my bonnet and realised that my oil cap had fallen of whist driving and half of my engine bay was covered in oil

i have a 1.2 polo match 2008 reg


1 Answers

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    The oil cap on these models should not be able to jump off if there is not a very high pressure in the engine or fitted incorrectly. Check the crankcase ventilation hose and make sure the ventilation is good.
    Check the trouble codes for the engine.

    What do you mean by move?
    If you engage a gear and release the clutch when the engine is on and it does not move forward, it should either be a problem with the clutch, a driveshaft or the gearbox

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 01, 2018 |Reply

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